London’s Future After Brexit

When Britain voted to leave the EU, it was a very shocking moment for all of us. For us people that have a regular job that doesn’t interfere with politics, it was a very surprising moment that we didn’t expect happening. To people that are working and are connected with politics this might have been a little more expected thing to happen sooner or later. From that moment on, everything should change, at least that’s what everyone though. However, there wasn’t any significant change yet that had some impact on the entire world and economics.

Time will tell

Of course, because nothing major has changed, that doesn’t mean that nothing will change, it just means that it needs some more time in order to set in place. Nobody can tell exactly when we can expect these changes to come in place, but we can hope that they will not bring anything bad to the other countries of Europe that are already struggling financially.


The biggest question now that people are asking or are afraid of is will London fail now that they have left the EU. London is a metropolis that we have created over many years and the financial state of London cannot be compared to any other major metropolis. If a large and successful city like London fails, what will happen to the rest of the world, that is also the question. That is because, if London fails many things around the world will change and nothing will be the same as now. After all, London is probably the most connected place in the entire world it is like the biggest global trading house.

What Happens Next

No one actually knows what will really happen next. We know one thing for sure that some people that support Brexit are happy and the rest of the world is sad and slowly getting frustrated. Also, we can say with confidence that this is the most complicated break up in the European history. London is still alive full of people. However, something just isn’t right and it seems like it will never be the same, you can feel the weirdness in the air.